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Not only trying to get business but educate customer on current building codes, insurance requirements, permit process, offer design options from standard to decorative and innovative

Permit Processing

PIR Permits

Our permit expeditor takes full responsibility of meeting with building and safety plan checker and obtaining a building permits. Each city varies, some cities can provide a permit over the counter the same day while others require a submittal that can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Our expeditor works closely with our team of engineers to submit the most detailed set of plans to obtain a permit in the least amount of time. Our expeditor also sees that any necessary clearances from historical, design committee, fire and or planning is approved. (this is not always necessary)

Structural Engineering and Calculations

PIR Engineering

Together with our Engineers We have developed a standard set of details that meet all specifications for stairs, guardrails and fences. Although the details are standard the layout vary on each project therefore our engineers provide us with a detailed site plan showing the location of the project from each angle, the existing layout and the proposed layout along with standard structural details and a set of calculations that is designed specifically for your project. This assures that we minimize set-backs with Building and Safety.

Our team of engineers understand every region and building has different specifications. Our engineering partners ensure that our stair systems are designed to meet all specifications. This assures that we minimize set-backs, which in turn yields great returns in time and money for our customers.

Code Compliance

In an effort to protect tenant safety the department of housing perform inspections on rentals. During there inspections if they find something that can put a tenant in danger they will give the owner a correction. This can be a real hassle because they also involve the department of Building and Safety. The Department of housing will require you to make the necessary corrections and also get the appropriate permit for the correction. The process with Building and Safety in many occasions takes longer than the time frame the department of Housing gives owners. It is in the owners and tenants best interest to keep there buildings up to code. This citation can be very costly and time consuming. Further action from the Department of housing can be costly violations, they can put rents into a separate account that gives tenants the right to request funds to be relocated.

Project management from start to finish

PIR Project management

Deal with inspectors to finalize permit, With Precision Iron Works it’s a “One-Stop Shop” Once the permit is approved our knowledgeable project manager will collaborate with the client, our in house manufaction team and the building inspectors. We are onsite for every inspection to meet with the inspectors and to assure that each inspection is approved. Once the job has received approval from Building and Safety and from our client we will provide all permits and approved plans to keep with your building records. “Our project managers are knowledgeable managers who collaborate with everyone involved, from estimation to installation, and are available to answer and resolve many questions. Once approved, our detailing team initiates the manufacturing process. Our fabrication detailers are experienced and efficient, working closely with project drafters and manufacturing managers to produce accurate and detailed fabrication plans for our in-house manufacturing facility.”

Match estimate from competitor

PIR Project Match estimate

We understand that price is always a factor but we hope it is not the only factor. We are competitive in our price however we cannot beat all our competitors prices especially those that are not licensed, insured or bonded. We would be happy to review your estimate and match a competitors price. Please note estimate must come from a licensed, bonded, insured contractor and scope of work must be identical.

Exterior Office Stairs

Excellent Customer Service

We can always be reached at our office via phone, email and text. We always provide our customers with personal cell phone numbers to reach there project manager at all times and are always willing to answer any questions so that our customers feel confident and reassured of there project through out the entire process.

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